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Can I use an electronic signature to sign my Offer to Purchase?

By: Sean Wynne — The use of Electronic Signatures in contracts  is becoming more and more popular. Programs such as Adobe DC or DocuSign make the tedious job  of signing off contracts much easier. However, many people may not realise that Electronic Signatures may not be used in certain situations. The Alienation of Land Act […]

What documentation is needed for buying a property in South Africa?

You’ve scoured the web for what feels like weeks, and you’ve finally found your dream home! You’ve put in your offer, and it’s been accepted. But before you can pack your boxes and move into your dream home, there are certain requirements needed when buying a home in South Africa. Property sales are usually handled […]

Buying and selling: Avoid the potential nightmare

Buying a new home is always an adventure – but what if you’re still trying to bring a previous adventure to a close? Facilitating the transition of homeownership comes with an array of concerns that are unavoidable when the purchase of a new home and the sale of an old one occur simultaneously. The two primary concerns for buyers who are sellers at the same time are finances and logistics. If the transition is to be facilitated successfully, […]

What should a conveyancer do?

Conveyancing (or conveyance) is the legal term for the process whereby a person, company, close corporation or trust becomes the registered and legal owner of immovable property and ensures that this ownership cannot be challenged. It also covers the process of the registration of mortgages. Conveyancing in South Africa can only be carried out by […]

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