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What to do when your tenant leaves without paying

Tips for landlords when their tenant does a disappearing act Everyone who has let out property knows that sickening feeling when you find out that your tenant has disappeared. Most of the time there are signs—usually unpaid or late paid rental.  Some tenants plan to go without paying, while others just cannot pay. What should […]

The ups and downs of property co-ownership

Property ownership is no small feat. It is one of the most reliable forms of investment and one of the biggest items that most people have on their financial “to-do” lists. Unfortunately, it is not always an easily achievable goal. Property ownership has always been a costly endeavour, and in recent years the age of […]

Pets in sectional title schemes

“Is it pet friendly?” A question often asked by many potential buyers and tenants of Sectional Title units, which answer, in most cases, is a crucial factor in their decision to purchase or rent the said unit. To answer the question, your attention can be drawn to the Prescribed Conduct Rules in Annexure 1 of […]

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