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PLEASE NOTE – Recent changes to the Regulation regarding application for a copy of your lost title deed now requires that:

  1. Your affidavit to apply for a copy of your title deed must be attested by a notary public; AND
  2. Must be advertised in the government gazette; AND
  3. Must be open for inspection in the deeds registry for a period of two weeks after publication of the notice.

This will cause a significant increase in cost and delays!

What can you do?

  • ALL PROPERTY OWNERS should query about the whereabouts of their title deed/s;
  • ALL BUYERS SHOULD enquire from their agent or seller that the title deed is in place or should request that the necessary application to replace the title deed is made immediately;
  • ALL AGENTS should send this information sheet to all their clients.

(The new regulations equally apply to lost mortgage bonds, notarial bonds, registered leases, holders of real rights. etc.)

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