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The intent to revoke a last will and testament

The Western Cape High Court recently examined whether a person had the intent to revoke their existing will. The deceased, hospitalised with COVID-19, expressed a desire to revoke their will and draft a new one. However, the court found that the necessary intent to revoke was absent, emphasising the importance of complying with the Wills […]

The importance of signing an Antenuptial Contract before getting married

Discussing an antenuptial contract might not be the easiest of conversations to have with a prospective spouse. However, it is important to be aware of the benefits of an antenuptial contract while you are happily married. Before we discuss the benefits of an antenuptial contract, let’s consider the different marital regimes couples can enter. 1. […]

The validity of an Antenuptial Contract

John and Susan are getting married on the 5th of October 1993. They have chosen to get married by way of an Antenuptial Contract. John and Susan signed the contract on the 3rd of October 1993 in front of their attorney who had a Power of Attorney on their behalf to sign in front of a Notary, as […]

Marriage laws in South Africa are being renewed

Post-1994, the lawmakers in South Africa have attempted to be inclusive of religion and gender, by passing the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998, allowing for the registration of marriages under African customary law as well as the Civil Union Act, 2006, for the solemnisation of a civil partnership between two people regardless […]

Can you deregister or terminate a trust?

There is no provision in the Trust Property Control Act, 1988 that requires the deregistration of trusts. However, this said, it does not mean that a trust can never be terminated, as there are a few events that can occur during the lifetime of the founder, the trustees or the beneficiaries. When considering the termination […]

Muslim marriages: Is it recognised in South Africa?

All marriages entered in terms of Islamic law, are currently not recognised as valid marriages. For a valid marriage to be recognised in South Africa one must get married in terms of civil law which is regulated by the Marriage Act 25 of 1961 or two people can enter into a civil union partnership under […]

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